Workshops with Nils Klug and Meetings in Hannover

Workshops with Nils Klug 2023/2024

You will find all workshops on my German website. Here you’ll find some workshops I will teach in English as well.

Workshops 2024

F1 – Tai Chi Form
F2 – Tai Chi Form
F3 – Tai Chi Form

S1 – Tai Chi Sword
S2 – Tai Chi Sword
S3 – Tai Chi Sword

Push Hands Workshops

P1 – Push Hands
P2 – Push Hands
P3 – Push Hands

April 2024 during the International Push Hands Meeting 2024.

Times for Hannover Workshops

Saturdays: 15:00- 20:00pm
Sundays: 10:00- 15:00pm

Prices for Tai Chi Chuan Workshops in Hannover

1 day 5h:        100 EUR
2 days 10h:  200 EUR



Just fill in your details, scan/photograph it and send it via email or send the original via mail to the stated address:


Tai Chi-Studio
Nils Klug
Zur Bettfedernfabrik 1
30451 Hannover

Or contact us via email:

Exchange Meetings in Hannover

International Push Hands Meeting

Touch – Feel – Communicate

The International Push Hands Meeting is dedicated to the internal arts and their (martial) application in contact, independent of styles. We host teachers of different schools and systems, seeing Push Hands as a means for cross-style communication and a great opportunity to test, to research and to enhance one’s skills, not to mention the fun of being able to communicate without words. Our approach towards Push Hands is experimental rather than competitive: it is not about winning or losing, but about the creation of a situation, where one can consciously explore one’s limits and widen one’s comfort zone in personal interaction.

The teacher

Nils Klug has been studying with William C.C. Chen and Dr. Tao Ping Siang, two students of Cheng Man Ching. He has been teaching in the Tai Chi Studio, his own school in Hanover, Germany, for over 25 years. Nils’ focus in form work is on the meditative flow of vivid movements, which are created by the changes in the postures of the form. The way of moving and the accurate external form are derived from the functionality of the movements, which are made accessible through practical experience. To spark the imagination of the participants and to develop the joy of learning in a group are at the heart of his teaching.