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DVD Tai Chi Form and Application with Nils Klug

This DVD makes intensive use of the interactive functionality of this medium, so that you can choose your own path through the instruction material. Here are a few tips for using it.The DVD contains a more detailed version of these instructions in a PDF file in the „EXTRA“ directory called „TIPS_EN.PDF“.

Formbasics A complete introduction to the principles and practice ofTai Chi Chuan. Includes sound advice for personal training.

Form Featuring Master William C.C. Chen`s adaptation of Prof. Cheng Man Ching‘s 37 Step Form. Filmed from 4 angles with guiding commentary on Yin/ Yang transitions, breathing and counting through the postures.

Partnerwork An introduction to martial applications, push hands and tai chi boxing: covers both offensive and defensive aspects, ”Being a Good Partner” and partnerwork as a tool for tai chi development.

Applications Covering the self-defence techniques of all 60 postures of the hand form. Demonstrates various sequences of martial techniques, which will also lead to a deeper understanding of formwork.

Push Hands Exercises in making contact, neutralising and energy projection. Demonstration of free-style fixed and moving-step push hands.

Tai Chi Boxing Introduction toTai Chi Boxing with helpful training tips.

Watching the Form

-You can choose between three different soundtracks in the „Settings“ menu: 1.The individual movements are counted, 2. Instructions for breathing, 3. meditative music. – In the same menu you can choose to have the names of the 60 movements displayed or not. – The best way to change the point of view is to use the „angle“ button on the remote control.

To display the corresponding application for any movement in the form, just go to the circular field in the middle of the compass rose at the upper right of your screen by using the arrow keys on the remote control. It should turn green. Then press „OK“/“Select“/“Enter“. Following the digression, you return automatically to this movement in the form.

Author and imagesNils Klug