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The Tai Chi Studio Hannover, Germany offers regular classes and workshops in Tai Chi-Form, Applications and Push Hands. Once a year the International Push Hands Meeting takes place.

Tai Chi 8 movements – free online classes


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Workshops with Nils Klug

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Health and relaxation are often quoted as a reason to practise Taijiquan. One further aspect of Taijiquan is that of “mediation in movement”, which can be developed after the outer choreography of the form is internalised by the student. A third aspect of Taijiquan is commonly referred to as the “martial aspect”: Contrary to the solo exercises of e.g. Health Qigong, all movements of Taijiquan can be traced back to their martial applications.

Taking these roots seriously leads to a “hands-on” approach towards learning and teaching: Any Taijiquan movement can be tested (and improved!) by means of partner work. Working with a cooperative partner, we want to look behind the surface of those punches and throws. In practical exercises covering form application as well as Push Hands, you are invited to discover another layer of martial Taijiquan, which is closely related to the health aspect: the aspect of efficient movement, which includes both structural (bones, muscles, …) and energetic (momentum and timing) questions, and the communicative aspect of how to be a good partner.

As we will mainly work on the Taiji principles, the workshop is open to all styles and levels.



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23rd Push Hands Meeting in Hannover

will take place 17th to 21st of April 2024.

The programme for the upcoming Push Hands Meeting will be published in autumn 2023. More Information you will find on www.push-hands.de.

Introduction to push hands
The introduction to Push Hands is a continuous five day workshop especially designed for (Tai Chi) beginners and all people new to push hands. Its goal is to give everybody the means and the confidence to practice free pushing hands in a spirit of fun and communication.
We will work with simple partner exercises that will be refined during the course of the week. Building upon a few basic rules, we will also begin to experiment with free pushing hands that does not follow a set pattern.

Subjects covered are: Protect yourself first, How to be a good partner?, listening, neutralizing, responding. The focus of days 1-3 will be on „yield and wait“, while the key aspect of days 4 and 5 will be expanding (uprooting and exploding).
Accessible to all.

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