Comment on a workshop held in Montenegro 2016

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On 16th and 17th September, the Zhao Youbin Taiji Club (Podgorica, Montenegro) had the pleasure to host a workshop run by Nils. The aim of the workshop was to introduce participants to the art of tui shou (push hands) and to some of the martial applications of certain Taiji postures.
We already knew that Nils is a seasoned Taiji and push hands practitioner, and we soon discovered that in addition he is also an excellent and warm-hearted teacher. Although the group was very heterogeneous in terms of expectations and personal experience of Taiji, Nils managed very quickly to find some common ground and develop a programme which seemed to grow organically from our questions, while it also had a clear structure. A perfect example of a bottom-up approach!
We enjoyed the fine balance between theory and practice and also the fact that the programme had more depth than breadth. We have gained a better understanding of some of the things we do in our training and we now have a number of exercises to practise to strengthen our foundation until Nils’ next visit, which we are already looking forward to.

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Deventer Workshop 2018

Last November Nils Klug gave a Form Applications workshop in Deventer. One of the participants wrote the following account. Thank you, Arnoud!

On Saturday 17 November Nils Klug (Hannover) was in Deventer to spend a day with the participants of Laura Stone’s intensive training to practice applications of the second part of Grandmaster William C. C. Chen’s 60 Movements. It took some getting used to, moving like a cat or tiger. All of course based on the principles from the Form but less upright. Like a boxer, compact. 

First doing a few movements from the form, then practicing the opponent’s movements, punching and kicking, and finally getting to work with a partner. Nils explains it beautifully with a lot of humour and his well-known wink. But there is serious training. In an accessible way Nils shows you and makes you feel how it works. No fuss – functional and direct, everything has a function. With the T’ai Chi applications we don’t connect with the other and don’t ‘root’ in the earth because when it comes to fighting you don’t have time for that so it’s of little use to you. Everything happens internally, knowing what you do, using your memory-shape, fingers, toe and brain, your base (ground); that’s what it’s all about. 

Nils’ years of experience in the style of Grandmaster Chen is visible both in his movements and in his way of explaining. And although Laura gives different explanations here and there in the training and uses different words, everything breathes the style of Grandmaster Chen. Special to experience, inspiring, still practicing now!

The next day (November 18) Nils gave an open workshop with participants from all over the country and also one from Germany; (certified) teachers and students, most in the style of GM Chen. This day he thoroughly discussed the applications of the first part of the form. Just like on Saturday with demos, exercises alone and with partners. A wonderful way to refine and understand your Form. A practical way to get into action and interaction with the principles of T’ai Chi Ch’uan.

Thank you Nils and all participants! 
News flash: Nils will come back to give an open workshop on Sunday 17 November 2019.