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Tai-Chi-HannoverThe Tai Chi Studio Hannover, Germany offers regular classes and workshops in Tai Chi-Form, Applications and Push Hands. Once a year the International Push Hands Meeting takes place in February and Master Chen is regulary invited for a workshop in Hannover.


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Taiji Forum 2017 – Yangsheng – Care for Life

Taiji Forum Meeting 8th- 10th of September 2017

Qigong – TCM – Calligraphy – Taijiquan – I Ching – Bagua

The 2nd Taiji Forum Meeting will take place from September, 8th to September, 10th 2017 in Hannover, Germany.

Taiji Forum 2017 - Yangsheng – Care for Life

The 2nd Taiji Forum is an international Exchange Meeting for Chinese Movement, Healing and Martial Arts. Founded as an exchange meeting for Chinese arts, it is aimed at beginners, advanced students and teachers as well as alternative healers and other health care practitioners. It offers an opportunity for all participants to discover new aspects of the Chinese arts and to enhance their skills.

This year’s guiding theme is Yangsheng – the „care for life“ or the „furthering of life force“. Under this umbrella term, which includes health aspects as well as aspects of self-cultivation, workshops and lectures will take place covering Qigong, TCM, Tuina, Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Calligraphy and the philosophy of the I Ching. A social programme with gala complements the three days of the meeting.

18th Push Hands Meeting in Hannover

The programme for the upcomming Push Hands Meeting is done. If you register and pay before 31st of December 2017 you will receive a 10% discount. More Information you will find on www.push-hands.de.

Tai Chi Sword Workshop with Ken van Sickle

Tai Chi Sword Workshop with Ken van Sickle, New York

10th / 11th of June 2017 in Hannover 

Download the folder here: Tai_Chi_Workshop_Ken_2017

Ken Van Sickle studied Tai Chi with Grand Master Cheng Man Ching, from 1967 to 1975. After having studied solo form, push hands, sword form and fencing, he was invited to participate in special classes given by Cheng Man Ching, for those chosen to be teachers. In time he developed a particular affinity for Tai Chi sword and has by now achieved an international reputation as a practitioner and teacher, of it’s philosophy and technique. Since 1988 Ken van Sickle has been conducting workshops in Sword form and Fencing in the U.S., G.B. France, Italy and Spain and Israel.

On our German website you will find 3 Videos with Ken van Sickle.

Workshop with Master Chen in Hannover

Tai Chi Chuan Workshop with Grandmaster William C. C. Chen in Hannover. 2018 Master Chen will offer a workshop in Hannover again! Topics: Tai Chi Form, Push Hands and Application.

Tai Chi Chuan DVD with Grandmaster William C. C. Chen

William C C ChenInformation about the new DVD about Grandmaster William C. C. Chens Body Mechanics of Tai Chi Chuan, a workshop documentation. Grandmaster William Chi-Cheng Chen has studied tai chi chuan for over 60 years creating his widely acclaimed system of “Body Mechanics“, looking at the effective application of tai chi chuan as both a realistic system of self-defense and health maintenance. As special feature the DVD contains an unique interactive keyword index. To use the DVD as kind of „reference book“ simply pick the aspect you are interested in, and a click on each of the dots behind the keyword gets you to a different part of the DVD dealing with this topic. After the excerpt is finished you automatically will be redirected to the keyword menu again.

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